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Product Recalls gives you better access to product safety recalls by giving you single access point to get essential safety information.

Product Recalls brings recalls from three Government Agencies into one place to save you time and effort to get safety information that can help you protect your family, whanau, friends and others from injury. For food safety recalls go to the MPI food safety recalls webpage.

The website lets you get recall information in the way that best suits you – on the website, by email, or social media.

If you have questions about the Product Recalls site go to the Contact us page.

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Partner Agencies

New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)

NZTA is responsible for the road safety – including the safety of road vehicles, vehicle specified vehicle equipment. NZTA also has oversight responsibility for the recall of New Zealand new road vehicles.

For more information on road and vehicle safety go the New Zealand Transport Agency website.

Contact NZTA

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE)

Trading Standards – part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) – is responsible for product safety. Trading Standards also has oversight responsibility for recalls under the Fair Trading Act 1986 – which applies to products that are not subject to recall requirements under other laws.

For information on product safety under the Fair Trading Act go to the business pages on the Trading Standards website.

Contact Trading Standards

Ministry of Health 

MedSafe – part of the Ministry of Health - regulates medicine, medical devices and medical equipment. MedSafe is also has oversight responsibility for the recall of these products.

For technical information on and medical devices and equipment recalls go to the MedSafe website
MedSafe recalls webpage

For more information on health matters go to the Ministry of Health website

If you're feeling unwell, need advice for someone that is sick, or you’re away from home and need to know where the nearest pharmacy or doctor is – contact Healthline or see their website.

Free call - 0800 611 116
Healthline website

If it’s an emergency call 111

Contact Medsafe

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)

The Ministry for Primary Industries has oversight responsibility for food safety and food safety related recalls.

For food safety recalls go to the MPI food safety recalls webpage.

For more information on food safety go to MPI Food Safety.

Contact MPI 

What is a recall

Recalls are issued by suppliers to fix safety issues with their products. Recall notices tell you what’s wrong with a product and what you need to do about it.

A recall can involve a range of solutions – e.g. return for refund, repair, supply of replacement parts or new instructions. 

Government agencies work with suppliers, and provide oversight to ensure recalls are carried out properly and the hazards and risks are addressed. 

If you are having trouble with a product or accessing a recall, you should contact the retailer. The supplier is responsible for the safety of the product and putting it right. Contacting the supplier helps them become aware of issues and gives them a chance to sort it out for you.

What recalls are included on Product Recalls 

Product Recalls lists or links you to recalls for products supplied in New Zealand where you, the public, need to take action. This includes medicines, medical devices and equipment, consumer items, tools, equipment and machinery, and vehicles.

Where to look for recalls for products you've imported 

What’s not included - products you import for yourself won’t be on Product Recalls unless they are also sold by New Zealand retailers. If you have safety concerns about a product you have imported, check with the supplier or brand owner direct, or monitor recalls in the source country. The following overseas recall sites are a useful starting point.