Business Support

As a business, importing, manufacturing and selling products, you are responsible for ensuring that they are safe for the people who buy and use them.

If for some reason there are safety concerns, the product falls short of a safety standard or there are reported injuries or near misses, you may need to undertake a product recall to mitigate the issue. This will involve advising consumers that there is a problem and what they need to do.

Product recalls during COVID-19 Alert Levels

You may not be able to receive a recalled consumer product during some Alert Levels. The COVID-19.govt website provides guidance on the current Alert Level where you are and any restrictions in how you can interact with customers.

If the Alert Level means customers can’t receive a recalled product, in your recall communications you can help customers to stay safe by asking them to:

  • Label the product as a recalled product and storing it in a secure area out of reach of children until they can return it.
  • Provide proof of ownership, dispose of the product if it cannot be repaired, and let them know when you will be able to provide a replacement or refund.
  • For larger electrical appliances such as washing machines or ovens stop using them and let other people at home know that they should not be used.
  • You can also let them know that you will organise a time for repair work or replacement at the appropriate Alert Level. If there may be a delay, let them know.

Other agencies involved

Depending on the type of product in question there are different government agency’s to notify and work with to undertake the recall.

As each government agency recalls products under different legislation what they need from businesses may differ. If you have questions about how to recall a product please contact the agency that’s legislation covers the product you’re looking to recall.