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If you are having trouble or concerns with a product or a recall you should contact the retailer first. The supplier is responsible for the safety of the product and putting it right. Contacting the supplier helps them become aware of issues and gives them a chance to sort it out for you.

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I don't like the recall fix offered

If you don't like the remedy on offer - talk to the supplier about what you want. If the supplier won't agree then you can look at your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA). The Consumer Protection site has information on your CGA rights around recalled products and how to enforce them.

Your CGA rights may enable you to get a solution that is more appropriate or acceptable for you.

For more information on your CGA rights and how you can enforce them, visit the Consumer Protection.

I have a faulty product and the supplier won't sort it out

Consumer Protection provides information on your rights and what to do if a product is faulty, poor quality, or doesn't meet your expectations.

I've been injured by a product, had a near-miss

If you have been injured by a product, had a near miss, or have concerns about the safety of a product, it's good to let the retailer know.

It’s also good to let the government know because incident and safety reports from the public help government agencies identify, assess and respond to issues. See the who regulates what page to identify which agency to contact.

I am having trouble with a recall

If you are having trouble with a recall, talk to the supplier. If you want to register your concerns with government about a recall, for example, if the supplier if blocking you from getting the fix there are different government agency’s to contact Depending on the type of product: