23 October 2018

Adidas Infinitex Swimwear

The Hazard!

The glued on section of the stripes on the swimwear can detach from the garment unexpectedly when in contact with water. They can get caught on objects or other individuals inside or outside water and become entangled, potentially leading to injuries.

What to do...

Stop using the affected swimwear immediately. Return the affected product to Adidas for a full refund or if preferred, an Adidas product voucher. Please visit www.adidas.com/swim-recall for further information.

Product Identifiers

Affected styles Infinitex swimwear, various colours affected. Sold for children up to 14 years of age with 3 stripes down each side and "made in Tunisia" on the label. Please visit www.adidas.com/swim-recall for further details including serial numbers printed on the inside of the affected products.

Supplier Contact

Adidas AG


Responsible Agency