3 May 2019

Apple Three-Prong AC Wall Plug Adapter (UK-style Type G)

The Hazard!

The Apple three-prong AC wall plug adapters can break in some circumstances and may expose live parts. Risk of electrical shock.

What to do...

If your wall plug adapter is affected, contact Apple Inc or an Authorized Apple Service Provider to organise to exchange it with a new wall plug adapter. It is Apple Inc.’s recommendation to customers that, if any crack or breakage of the adapter is noticed, they should stop using the adapter.

Product Identifiers

Sold between approximately January 2003 and January 2015, as original equipment with Mac and certain iOS devices and as part of the Apple World Travel Adapter Kits. Affected wall plug adapters are white, with no letters in the inside slot where it attaches to an Apple power adapter. New wall plug adapters are white with grey on the inside portion that attaches to the power adapter. Note: Apple USB power adapters are not affected by this program.

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