28 June 2019

Batteries sold with 2016 eZee electric bicycles

The Hazard!

There is a fire risk associated with the batteries in such a way that they can combust/catch fire while charging.

What to do...

If your battery is affected, DO NOT charge it / plug it into the wall. Please check the serial number on the back of the battery. The battery needs to be removed from the bike for the serial number to be visible. If your battery is affected, as above, do not charge it. Contact Electric Bike Team to organise a new battery for your bicycle. There is very little risk associated with discharging the battery (ie riding your e-bike) so you can continue to use the electric bike until the battery is empty and then it should be removed.

Product Identifiers

Sold from June 2016 to March 2017 but most affected units sold in July/August 2016 To check your serial number you need to remove the battery from your bike, as it is not visible when the battery is in place in the bike. The serial number is on a label on the back of the battery and the serial number sequence that is to be replaced are those beginning with the three following codes: 1) D36203360P04X _ _ _ _, 2) D36203360P05X _ _ _ _ 3) D36303360P06X _ _ _ _ Other serial numbers are not affected and require no action.