9 November 2020

Bellman & Symfon Flash Receiver (backup battery)

The Hazard!

The battery backup is designed to step in if the power goes out and charged by the power adapter until fully charged.

In certain circumstances, there is an issue wherein once fully charged, the charging stops and the charging of batteries does not re-start unless the power to unit is turned off and on. Once charged the Batteries will hold power for 4 months and then will no longer work as expected.

There is a potential fire emergency hazard where the Flash Receiver is connected to the Visit Alerting System smoke alarm and a fire occurs at the same time as a power cut or outage; as in this situation the back-up batteries may be empty and not able to alert the user of a possible fire.

What to do...

Disconnect and reconnect the receiver. This will recharge the receiver and provide another approximately four months back-up functionality. Repeat every 3-4 months until the repair is available.

Product Identifiers

Supplied to users in New Zealand from November 2017 to November 2019.

Bellman & Symfon Flash Receiver

Model BE1442/1443 with firmware versions 5 or 7

The Flash Receiver is part of the Visit Alerting System. The Visit Alerting System comprises wireless sensors to detect alarm alerts or push button calls and alert people with reduced hearing inside their home.
The battery backup is designed to step in if the power goes out.

Supplier Contact

Reid Technology Limited


Responsible Agency