25 February 2021

Birzman Pump-Up

The Hazard!

The product could leak air and disassemble under certain conditions potentially resulting in injury.

What to do...

Stop using the bicycle pump and contact Advance Traders to identify your nearest dealer and organise to return the pump.

Product Identifiers

Sold at Bike Barn and other bike shops from December 2017 to June 2020

Bike Barn stores are no longer trading - contact Advance Traders to organise the nearest dealer to return your 'Pump-Up'. 
Various individual dealers and all 99 Bikes stores are accepting returns of the product.

"Birzman Pump-Up" as pictured

Birzman Pump-Up Tubeless Tyre Inflator

Supplier Contact

Advance Traders NZ


09 267 1245


Responsible Agency