14 December 2021

Bits'n'Bytes - 216 piece 5mm magnet balls set

The Hazard!

The magnet balls are high powered magnets.

If more than one small high powered magnet is swallowed, the magnets can pull together across the walls of a child's intestine, which can lead to internal injuries that require surgery and pose lifelong health complications.

What to do...

Stop using the Magnet Ball sets and store them out of reach of children right now.

Put the magnet ball sets in a container/bag or return it to PKD Group Limited (Bits'n'Bytes) for a refund.

Product Identifiers

Sold via Bits'n'Bytes and Trade Me from June to October 2021

216 piece '5mm magnet balls' set. 

Magnet balls sold as a cube shape in a silver tin.

Supplier Contact

PKD Group Limited (Bits'n'Bytes)




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