10 December 2020

Blaser ISD Silencer

The Hazard!

The ISD silencer barrel is coated both inside and outside and when this coating is exposed to humidity, the inside the silencer barrel can corrode (rust) over a period of time.

A corroded silencer may burst and cause injury when the rifle is fired.

What to do...

Remove the silencer from your rifle and do not use it.

All identified purchasers have now been contacted by Stager Sports and asked to return the silencer and will be provided with a new generation Blaser silencer.

Product Identifiers

Sold by Stager Sports between 2018 and 2020

The recall only applies to the identified Blaser ISD silencers.
It does not apply to the hunting rifles used with the silencers. (The relevant model of Blaser hunting rifle is called R8 Silence).

The identified silencers have one of the following sets of dimensions:
- barrel length 420mm; outer-width 31mm; and total length 536.4mm
- barrel length 470mm; outer-width 31mm; and total length 586.4mm
- barrel length 520mm; outer-width 31mm; and total length 621.4mm

Supplier Contact

Stager Sports


Responsible Agency