7 January 2020

BMW 320, 323I SE SEDAN, 328A, 33... Model years 1997-2000

The Hazard!

BMW AG has decided upon a worldwide safety-relevant recall for the 3 series E46 according to the vehicle identification number selection. Please have the driver's airbag checked on the vehicles concerned (according to vehicle identification number selection).

What to do...

Customers are advised that BMW AG recommends that the vehicle not be used until a test is conducted. Please contact your local dealer as soon as possible to arrange the test.

Product Identifiers

320 1997 - 2000, 323I SE SEDAN 1997 - 2000, 328A 1997 - 2000, 330 1997 - 2000, 318I A SE SEDAN 1997 - 2000 (All 3 series E46 in below date range as indicator vin range supplied.)

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