12 December 2012

Bosch dishwasher - multiple models manufactured between 2000 and 2006

The Hazard!

Cracks may develop in the circuit board within the control module that may lead to melting of on the board or, in an unlikely event, a fire in the dishwasher.

What to do...

Customers with affected products cease using their dishwasher immediately and switch it off at the socket outlet. Contact Bosch by phone or the online to arrange for the free in-home repair.

Product Identifiers

Affected model numbers: SGI4335AU SGI4345AU SGI4347AU SGI43A25AU SGI43A45AU SGI43A55AU SGI4705AU SGI4715AU SGI53A55AU SGS4332AU SGS4352AU SGS43A92AU SGS43B22AU SGS43B42AU SGS4702AU SGS4712AU SGS5332AU SGS53A52AU SRI43A05AU SRS5302AU

Supplier Contact

BSH Home Appliances Ltd


0800 886 551

Responsible Agency