15 October 2018

BPA-Free Printed Kids Bottle 350ml

The Hazard!

The spout on the lid can become detached when pulled with force exposing a small plastic ring. If the defect happens while the product is in use both the spout and the ring could be swallowed causing a choking hazard.

What to do...

If you own this bottle in the specified colours and bought it between July 2017 – September 2018 from any Mountain Warehouse Outlet or Online Channel, please stop using it immediately and contact Mountain Warehouse Customer Service at info@mountainwarehouse.com or your local Mountain Warehouse store as soon as possible to arrange for a full refund or replacement.

Product Identifiers

Affected colours and models Blue lid with truck, crane and helicopter print Blue lid with tractor print Turquoise lid with fish print Pink lid with horse print Yellow lid with Hedgehog print Green lid with Shark print

Supplier Contact

Mountain Warehouse



Responsible Agency