17 May 2016

BRP Can-Am Commander™ Side by side vehicles with DPS, Model year 2013

The Hazard!

If the coupling splines on the steering rack strip, it may result in a loss of steering control and possibly cause injuries or even death.

What to do...

Avoid driving your vehicle until it has been verified or repaired. If you have not received a recall letter, contact your BRP Dealer to verify if your vehicle is affected. BRP will repair your vehicle free of charge. The parts required should start being available at the end of June 2016. BRP will contact you with another letter when the parts become available Contact your BRP Dealer and make an appointment to have your vehicle verified. Verification is a temporary action to allow limited use of the vehicles until the availability of the solution. Following the verification, if you still choose to use your vehicle, be aware that you must respect the following: - Do not use at speeds above 50 km/h (30 MPH) - Do not ride on rough terrain

Product Identifiers

2013 model year, Can-Am Commander™ side-by-side vehicles equipped with Dynamic Power Steering (DPS).

Supplier Contact

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP)


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