7 May 2016

Bundaberg Ginger Beer - 375ml bottles

The Hazard!

The bottle cap can "pop off" and hit you or a bystander. If this happens it could cause injury.

What to do...

Do not open the bottles. Return to the place of purchase for a full refund. If you have already opened or consumed the product, there is not cause for concern.

Product Identifiers

Bundaberg Ginger Beer - Non-alcoholic beverage - 375ml bottles sold in 10 packs and single bottles as supplied in 24 packs. - Best Before JAN 17 or FEB 17 only. (No other Bundaberg Brewed Drinks products are affected including Bundaberg 4 pack Ginger Beer).

Supplier Contact

Neill Cropper & Co Ltd


(09) 828 8887


Unit C3, 4 Pacific Rise Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060

Responsible Agency