18 March 2020

Scandia ‘Verdant LE’ Pellet Heater
Sold at Bunnings stores

The Hazard!

The screws that hold controller in place, forming part of the earth connection could become loose. This may allow the earth connection to break which will affect the electrical safety of the pellet heater and increase the risk of electric shock.

What to do...

Stop using your heater and turn off the power at the wall and then disconnect the plug. Contact Scandia to organise an on-site inspection and repair as necessary. Scandia will also gift each customer with wood pellets after completion.

Product Identifiers

Sold at Bunnings stores in New Zealand from January 2017 to December 2019 Scandia Verdant LE Pellet Heater: Series 1 Pellet Fire Heater for domestic space heating. Identification: The Model Number and Serial Number are located on Compliance Plate on the back the pellet fire. The Item Number is located on product carton. Affected products have Model Number SCPH02, Item Number 3171530 and Serial Numbers SCPH02-XX-YYYY, where X and Y may be any number.

Responsible Agency