14 April 2021

Canyon Aeroad road bicycles - CF SLX (R081) and CFR (R065)

The Hazard!

The drop bars to the left and right of the main bar can form cracks around the brake level clamps.

If cracks form on the drop bar, they could break, which may lead to a loss in steering control and a possible crash.

What to do...

Stop using your bicycle and once organised with Canyon, take it to your dealer to have a repair completed.

All identified purchasers in New Zealand have also been contacted by Canyon.

Product Identifiers

Sold online via canyon.com from October 2020 to January 2021

Canyon Aeroad road bicycles: CF SLX (R081) and CFR (R065)
The first four digits of the serial number including either R081 or R065.
Any other serial number range of the first four digits is not affected.

The relevant parts of the bicycles being repaired, are the drop bars to the left and right of the main bar. 

Supplier Contact

Canyon Australia and New Zealand


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