13 November 2020

'Childcare' Pod High Chair

The Hazard!

The plastic casing at the top of the high chair leg can develop cracks over time and break, which may lead to the chair legs twisting.

If the chair legs twist or bend, the chair can become unstable and could collapse; posing a fall hazard.

What to do...

Before using the high chair, check the model number beside the barcode to see if it is affected. The barcode is located under the plastic seat.

If the high chair is affected, STOP using it and register here for a supportive crossbrace kit designed to strengthen the structure of the chair and prevent twisting of the chair legs (with installation instructions).

Product Identifiers

Sold at various retailers in New Zealand from January 2016 to November 2018

Childcare Pod High Chair
Model No: 091500-018

The barcode and model number is located under the plastic seat.

Responsible Agency