6 November 2020

Schneider Electric - Clipsal Socket Outlets and Service Panels

The Hazard!

The socket outlets and service panels have a fault that will increase the risk of serious injury/death to patients if an electric shock occurs.

What to do...

All socket outlets and service panels within the affected date range must be tested by using the test button before they are used and on a regular basis. Any units that fail the testing must be removed from service.

Schneider Electric will be organising for replacement units to be installed.

Product Identifiers

Supplied by electrical installers from July 2017 to 15th October 2020 

Clipsal Socket Outlet 10mA RCD and Service Panel 10mA RCD

Clipsal 2025RC10, 2031RC10, 2031VRC10, C2025RC10,
ML2025RC10, ML2031RC10, ML2031VRC10, ML2025RC10C

Supplier Contact

Schneider Electric

0800 652 999


Responsible Agency