16 August 2021

Container Door - Tripod Infrared Instant Heater Stand

The Hazard!

The stand is a normal telescopic stand, however, when it’s combined with the infrared heater, its possible that it could tip over if its feet are placed on an angle of 15 degrees or more, or on an uneven surface.

If the heater tips over, it could impact someone causing injury or burns. It could also cause a fire.

What to do...

Stop using the tripod stand and heater combined.

1) Return the tripod stand for a full refund
2) Return the tripod stand and the heater for a full refund

If you wish to keep the heater and require brackets for wall mounting please advise Container Door's support team support@contianerdoor.co.nz or 0800 004 756

Product Identifiers

Sold online via Container Door from August to November 2020

Tripod Infrared Instant Heater Stand

Supplier Contact

Container Door Limited


09 5265098


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