16 April 2021

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S and Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All-Terrain Tyres (sizes: 275/55R20, 275/65R18)

The Hazard!

The tyres (limited to sizes 275/55R20 and 275/65R18) may develop bulges and separation of the tyre sidewall can occur, which could lead to rapid pressure loss or reduced performance.

If this occurs it can also cause loss of vehicle control, which may increase the risk of an accident.

What to do...

If you believe you have an affected tyre, please call Exclusive Tyres to organise to check and replace any affected tyres for free.

For more information, please go to: www.coopertires.com.au or www.mickeythompsontires.com.au
or call 0800 600 129

Product Identifiers

Sold in New Zealand from February 2018.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S and Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All-Terrain Tyres:

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S
Tyre Size: 275/55R20

Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All-Terrain Tyres
Tyre Sizes: 275/55R20 and 275/65R18

The affected tyres have a Tyre Identification Number on the lower sidewall of the tyre which has a sequence that starts with DOT UT YJ or DOT UT Y1 and ends with a four digit date code in the affected range.

The image above shows an example of an Identification Number ending with 3718 (37th week of 2018).

The affected tyres were produced between 1 February 2018 and 1 December 2019.
This includes date codes from 0518 to 5218 and from 0119 to 4419.

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