14 September 2021

D&D Technologies - SureClose® READYFIT 180° Hinge-Closer Kits

The Hazard!

The closers may not fully self-close a gate as expected. If a gate remains unclosed it won't prevent unintended access as designed.

If a young child accesses the pool or spa area unsupervised, the situation could lead to drowning.

What to do...

Make sure to secure any pool gate where a SureClose® READYFIT 180° Kit is used until a replacement hinge-closercan be installed.

Contact D&D Technologies for a replacement hinge-closer kit.

See the two options around the replacement hinge-closer kit: Option 1 PDF / Option 2 PDF.

Product Identifiers

Sold from August 2019 and July 2021

D&D Technologies - SureClose® READYFIT 180° Hinge-Closer Kits.
The kit includes two hinge closers, only one of these needs to be replaced.
74108333T and 74108335T hinge kits have 1 or 2 dimples.
The action is for ONLY the 1 DIMPLED hinge-closer.

D&D Technologies is offering either the 74108323T screw-on or 74108325T weld-on options.

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