22 April 2021

Diono Cambira 2 Booster seat

The Hazard!

The headrest of the affected booster seats can crack or break in a head on collision or crash.

If the headrest breaks in a crash it could detach, be thrown forward by the energy of the collision and cause serious injury to the infant or child.

What to do...

Use you booster seat only as a backless booster until the replacement backrest/headrest is available.

The new replacement backrest / headrest will be available in May 2021.

Contact Diono or complete the instructions on the online recall form to get the replacement backrest/headrest and remedy kit.

Product Identifiers

Sold in New Zealand from September 2020.

Only units manufactured between September 2020 and November 2020 are included in the recall. The first 6 digits of the serial number sticker for the recalled range is: 648735.

If your Diono Cambria 2 does not have the Serial numbers listed above, it is NOT included in the recall. Other Diono Cambria 2 booster seats do not have the identified issue.


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