9 November 2020

DOMETIC RV Refrigerators, RUA6 & RUA8 series

The Hazard!

A small wiring loom may overheat and char when the product is running on 12V DC.

If the overheating/charring occurs, and there is also foreign combustible material in the vicinity behind the refrigerator, it could lead to a fire.

What to do...

Before using your fridge, check the model number and serial number.

If it is in the identified range, stop using the product in DC or AUTO mode and contact Dometic to organise replacement of the defective wiring loom by one of their Service Agents.

Product Identifiers

Installed in various Motorhomes & Caravans and sold at Burnsco stores from July 2018 to October 2020

Dometic RUA6408X and RUA8408X Absorption Refrigerators

Model and serial number appear on the ratings label located within the refrigerator.

Affected serial number ranges:
MB 82200938 to MB 85100130
MB 90200892 to MB 95200685
MB 00100565 to MB 03701182

Supplier Contact

Dometic New Zealand

09 622 1490


Responsible Agency