25 July 2018

Electrolux Multifunction Duo Oven - Model EVEP626SC

The Hazard!

A potential insulation failure has been identified that could make the food probe electrically live. If you touch the live food probe, you could get an electric shock. In the worst case this may result in electrocution.

What to do...

Check the model number on the oven. If it is an EVEP626SC, stop using the food probe immediately. Contact Electrolux to arrange a service technician to fix your oven fault, free of charge.

Product Identifiers

Model number- EVEP626SC (see inside of door) 60cm Multifunction Duo oven with Pyrolux pyrolytic cleaning in both oven cavities, IOI (Intuitive Oven Interface), Smart Food Probe, FullFlex telescopic runners and soft close doors.

Supplier Contact



0800 277 542


3‐5 Niall Burgess Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand

The Electrolux contact centre is available ‐ Monday to Friday 08:00 ‐ 17:00.

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