The Hazard!

The affected fireplaces can produce excessive heat and hot spots on the top left and right edges of the units.

The hot spots can cause pyrolysis and discolouring of wood and other framing materials and may pose a risk of a fire.

What to do...

If you purchased a fireplace between January and the end of August 2020; please contact Escea to check your serial number to see if you have an affected fire.  The serial number can easily be found by looking under the batteries in the remote control. 

If your fireplace is affected; Stop using it or only use on Flame Effect until Escea has arranged a technician to complete the repair.

Product Identifiers

Sold at Placemakers, 4 Seasons, various home and DIY retailers and also via showhomes and building companies from 23 January to 15th July 2020.

Escea DF700/DF960 gas fireplaces

Supplier Contact


0800 854 833

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