13 December 2021

Farmers - Sportspower Rosemead 5 Station Swingset (Check the Slide)

The Hazard!

Slide may be scratched or gouged due to the way it’s been packed in the box.

The damage to the plastic slide may have created sharp plastic on the slides surface that could cause cuts.

What to do...

Check your slide, if no damage is present then it is fine to continue using, if damage is visible then return the item to your local Farmers store for a refund.

For any questions or more information please contact Farmers Customer Service: 0800 327 637

Product Identifiers

Sold at Farmers in October and November 2021

Not all swingset/slides are affected.

Sportspower Rosemead 5 Station Swingset - Slide attachment.

Supplier Contact



0800 327 637

Responsible Agency