14 February 2020

FEIN KBC 35 and KBB 60 drills and spare parts
Gasket contains a type of asbestos

The Hazard!

A gasket containing asbestos was installed in the core drills and spare parts that are identified below. Asbestos fibres may in principle be released when the drills are used. This is the case, in particular, when the affected gasket is broken, destroyed or scuffed. Asbestos is harmful to health and can cause cancer.

What to do...

The drills and spare parts should not be used, operated, repaired, serviced or sold. All affected drills must be collected, taped with a commercially available, reinforced fabric adhesive tape in the affected sealing area and stored in protected, secured containers, for example in the original case. IMPORTANT: Protective gloves and dust respirators (type FFP3) must be worn. After use these must be stored in the protected, closed container together with the drill. Under no circumstances should you open the casing of the drills yourself. If you do not have suitable storage options or not be able to separate the affected drills, please contact FEIN.

Product Identifiers

Sold from 2011 to November 2019 Drills and spare parts branded FEIN, Slugger and Slugger by FEIN Core drills KBC 35 / JMC USA 90 and KBB 60 / JHM USA 5, later renamed KBB 60 X / JHM USA 5 X, Spare parts no. 30610055000, no. 31508314030 and no. 32498611010

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C. & E. Fein GmbH



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