12 March 2021

Gladiator X-Comp A/T tyre

The Hazard!

A separation of the tyre side wall may occur and could lead to rapid pressure loss or reduced performance in the tyre.

If rapid pressure loss occurs it could lead to tyre failure and a possible loss of vehicle control and a potential accident.


What to do...

Stop using the tyres and return them to '360 Link' or your nearst Gladiator tyre dealer.

For more information contact '360 Link'.

Product Identifiers

Sold from February 2018

Gladiator tyres with, Tyre line "X-Comp A/T" and a tyre size of "LT285-75R16 Load Range E" - usually used for light trucks and SUVs.

The identified tyres have the code "DOT 1YC UVXATG" followed by the date code numbers in the range 0718 to 2318. This range covers tyres manufactured from the 7th week of 2018 to the 23rd week of 2018.

See the second image above for an example of where to find this code on the side of the tyre.

Tyres with date codes outside the range are not affected by the recall.

Supplier Contact

360 Link Limited


09 828 5635


Responsible Agency