20 November 2014

Goldair wall-mounted bathroom fan heater model 3108

The Hazard!

The connector block on the heaters can overheat and cause a property fire.

What to do...

Stop using and remove the heaters from the wall. (note: for your safety you should organise an electrician to remove the wall plug and mount). The supplier of these heaters is no longer trading. However, CDB the current brand owner is offering free replacement 'connector blocks' (note: you will need to organise an electrician to install the new connector block). The "Electricity Regulations Prohibited Electrical Appliances Notice for the heaters mean that it is prohibited to sell/give away any 3108 heater and prohibited to use any 3108 heater included in this recall.

Product Identifiers

Specific Goldair wall mounted bathroom 'model 3108' heaters Identifying if you have a recalled 'model 3108' heaters: Connector Block component If the electrical wiring is going through the connector block, the heater is part of the recall. Manufacture date code: The first 2 numbers denotes the week of the year it was manufactured The last 2 numbers denote the year it was manufactured For example 3301 = week 33 of the year 2001 Any label with __07 or a lower number is included in the recall

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