9 September 2021

GU10 4W LED lamp (220-240VAC) installed in some Manrose bathroom Fan Light models (lamp needs to be replaced).

The Hazard!

The internal electrical insulation in the lamp can break down causing a potential electrical safety hazard.

What to do...

Contact SimX or your retailer to organise a new GU10 lamp. If your product was installed by an electrician they may organise this for you

To replace the lamp:

  • Consumer or electrician to switch OFF power at the “LIGHT” switch.
  • Using a stable ladder remove lamp by twisting the lamp body a quarter of a turn anticlockwise and pull the lamp out.
  • Replace lamp with the new one by aligning and inserting pins and twisting quarter of a turn clockwise.

Product Identifiers

Potentially affected lamps installed in Manrose bathroom Fan Light models (FAN0940, FAN0995, FAN5876) sold from 10th June to 23rd August 2021.

The three Manrose bathroom Fan Light models (FAN0940, FAN0995, FAN5876) were sold at Active Electrical; Bunnings; Chesters Plumbing, Corys Electrical, Ideal Electrical, J A Russell, Mico Plumbing, Mitre 10, Placemakers, Advance Electrical, Redpath Electrical, Scott Electrical, Telfer Electrical, Plumbing Plus, Plumbing World.

The GU10 LED lamp has these markings on it: 220-240V (AC), 4W, 40⁰, 3000K, M2517

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