10 February 2020

Harker Herbals Bowel Cleanse
All bottles that contains Senna Leaf

The Hazard!

The Harker Herbals Bowel Cleanse contains Senna Leaf. Long term use of Senna Leaf may cause damage to the liver. There are no lasting adverse effects anticipated from the short-term use of Senna leaf.

What to do...

Stop taking 1021 Bowel Cleanse. Return to the place of purchase or contact Harker Herbals for a refund. For more information contact Harker Herbals.

Product Identifiers

Sold in Health Shops and Pharmacies Nationwide from 2000 to January 2020. All Harker Herbals 1021 Bowel Cleanse 250ml and 500ml that contains Senna Leaf.

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