25 August 2020

HiKOKI Multi Port Charger - Model UC18YTSL

The Hazard!

The battery charger does not comply with the relevant mandatory electrical standard as there is no earth cable inside the power cord. The products may not provide earth protection.

Risk of electric shock.

What to do...

Stop using the charger and check the double insulation mark to identify if it is under the recalled range. 

Return affected product to place of purchase, your reseller or Accent Tools for a refund or to have a replacement cable fitted.

Product Identifiers

Sold at retailers from July to December 2019

HiKOKI Multi Port Charger Model UC18YTSL
 - marked with double insulation mark on the name plate.
 - products wiith the second label as pictired above, have been repaired.

Other batches not affected.

Supplier Contact

Accent Tools

09 415 2545


Responsible Agency