13 September 2019

HOLLAND Kompensater

The Hazard!

Mounting bolts(16) between the Kompensator subassembly and sliding base plates were in sufficiently Torqued and as a result bolts can stretch with bolt heads shearing off. A loose connection between the Kompesator sub assembly and base plate could potentially lead to a De-Coupling between Tractor and Trailer unit and cause an accident.

What to do...

Check to identify if there is an identified model of sliding Kompensator assembly part in your commercial fleet and contact Gough Group immediately for repairs. Gough Group will then check the torque settings and conditions of the mounting bolts, replace any affected bolts and re-torque the right torque settings. Gough Group has also contacted all identified owners.

Product Identifiers

The potentially affected model was supplied from Febuary to August 2019 HOLLAND Kompensator is a mounting system designed to relieve the force created in rigid trailers in uneven terrain. The product is currently sold under 3 different part numbers: 1) FW31KPAS: 5th Wheel 2.0"" 325mm KOMP Slide 2) FW351KPAS: Fifth Wheel KOMP –Slider 3) XA-SK24-35: S/Kompensator Subassembly And Base Plate

Supplier Contact

Gough Group Limited


Responsible Agency