30 September 2021

HOT RC - ECX brand 1:10 Scale 2WD Radio Controlled Cars

The Hazard!

The ECX1024 clutch slipper pads in the ECX series of 1:10 radio-controlled vehicles contain chrysotile asbestos.

Asbestos fibers may be released from the slipper pad in the vehicle through friction and users may be exposed to asbestos fibers if the vehicle is disassembled for repair or maintenance.

Exposure to asbestos can result in asbestos related diseases.

What to do...

Owners of affected vehicles should not attempt to remove or replace the slipper pads or disassemble and maintain their vehicles.

Please return your vehicle to the dealer from where it was purchased and or directly H.O.T. LTD for repair.

Product Identifiers

Sold at dealers (see list below) from 2013

ECX brand 1:10 Scale 2WD Radio Controlled Cars.
Models: Ruckus, Torment, AMP DB/MT, Circuit, Boost

Part #’s: ECX03000, ECX03001, ECX03002, ECX03003, ECX03006, ECX03007, ECX03008, ECX03009, ECX03020, ECX03021, ECX03022, ECX03023, ECX03026, ECX03028IT1, ECX03028IT2, ECX03030T1, ECX03030T2, ECX03033T1, ECX03033T2, ECX03130AUT1, ECX03131AUT1, ECX03131AUT2, ECX03133AUT1, ECX03133AUT2, ECX1024 (Slipper Assembly-all ECX 1:10 scale 2WD).

Dealers: AceRC – Rotorua, Barrells 100% - Whangarei, CoolToys, Coromandel Hobbies, Extreme Hobbies, Flight RC, Frankton Model Shop, HangarOne, Hobby City – Auckland, Hobby Hangar, Hobby Station LTD, Jambo Hobbies Ltd, JR Airsail, Plug N Play- New Plymouth, One Stop Model Shop, RC Hobbies, RC Hobbies 12 LTD, RC Innovations, Roselands Pets and Plants, SkyCam UAV NZ LTD, Speedi Models Ltd, Taupo Hobbies and Toys Limited, The Honda Shop, Te Awamutu, TopShelf-RC, We Cut Shapes LTD

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