30 July 2020

IMMI 4-Point Harnesses - sold as an accessory for some Can-Am Maverick models

The Hazard!

Some of the IMMI 4-Point Harnesses 4-point harnesses do not have stitching at key attachment points.

If the harness does not have stitching at an attachment point, the harness may not restrain you properly, increasing the risk of injury in an accident.

What to do...

Check if your harness has one of the identified BRP part number:

Article Name BRP part number
4 Point Harness - Driver 715003766
4 Point Harness - Passenger 715003767
4 Point Harness - Driver 715004234
4 Point Harness - Passenger 715004235

And if so, organise a free inspection, by contacting your authorized CAN-AM dealer.

For more information, contcat BRP or refer to the BRP website.

Product Identifiers

Sold at Can Am dealers from December 2016 to July 2020 

IMMI® 4-Point Harnesses - accessory for some Can-Am Maverick models
Possible Missing Stitching at Attachment Points

Driver and Passenger harnesses with the following BRP part numbers:
715003766, 715003767, 715004234, 715004235

This recall does not affect any factory installed harnesses.

Responsible Agency