28 February 2020

InfaSecure child restraints
Buckle replacement

The Hazard!

There is a risk that the buckle screws may become loose and prevent the buckle from securing properly. Child restraint car seats without securely functioning buckles can lead to an increased risk of injury to the occupant if the vehicle is in an accident

What to do...

Stop using car seats with affected buckles and contact InfaSecure to arrange a replacement buckle kit.

Product Identifiers

The buckles on InfaSecure child restraints sold at Farmers and Baby Factory from October 2019 to February 2020 need to be checked. If the car restraints are fitted with Holmbergs buckles with serial numbers B18002, B18003 or B19009 (stamped on the reverse below the Holmbergs logo) then the buckle needs to be replaced. Models affected: Atlas Go, Horizon Go and Stellar Go child restraints were sold at Farmers, as Luxi II Treo and Luxi II Astra child restraints were sold at Baby Factory.

Supplier Contact


0800 345 682


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