13 July 2020

JEEP CHEROKEE, Model years 2014-2017

The Hazard!

The Power Transfer Unit (PTU) on your vehicle may allow relative movement  between the differential input splines and the transmission output shaft. This  condition may result in the teeth of the input splines wearing off, which may  eventually cause a loss of engagement between the transmission and the differential  inside the PTU. If this occurs, torque cannot be transferred between the front wheels  and the transmission, which will result in a loss of motive power while the vehicle is  in motion and a loss of the PARK function while stationary. A loss of motive power  or PARK function can cause a vehicle crash without prior warning and/or  injury to others outside the vehicle.

What to do...

Simply contact your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, or RAM dealer right away to  schedule a service appointment. Please bring this letter with you to your dealer.

Product Identifiers

CHEROKEE 2014 - 2017

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Ateco Group NZ Limited


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