13 July 2020

Kathmandu - Karinjo Baby Carrier v2

The Hazard!

In some units there may be one or two bolts missing from the hinge of the carrier stand which can impact the stability of the stand.

If one of the identified bolts is missing the carriers could be less stable, resulting in an increased risk of the carrier tipping over when placing your child in or out of it.

What to do...

Inspect your Karinjo Child Carrier to confirm if a replacement is required:
Check if your carrier requires replacement referring to the images or here

If it does require replacement, stop using the carrier and contact your nearest Kathmandu Store to organise a replacement.

Product Identifiers

Sold at Kathmandu from January 2015 to June 2020

The Karinjo Baby Carrier V2 differs from the original version by having a hinged stand that the user pops out when placing the carrier on the ground to remove the child. 

The original version had a fixed stand.  There is a colour difference also with the original version being light grey and the updated V2 version being a dark grey.  Alternatively, you can take it into your nearest store to get it identified or check for the style number, 40634, inside the top zip pocket.

Supplier Contact

Kathmandu Support Office (NZ)


0800 001 234


Responsible Agency