1 March 2019

Kyocera Document Solutions A3 Multifunctional Printer

The Hazard!

When the optional accessory '300 sheet feeding unit / PF – 410' is installed to the printer and then detached and reinstalled there is a possibility of breakage or deformation between the main unit and paper feeding unit. If breakage or deformation occurs, it can affect the electrical connector and lead to smoke or fire.

What to do...

Do not remove and reattach the paper feeding unit to the main unit. Contact the dealer where the product was originally purchased or Kyocera Document Solutions Australia organise a free inspection and repair of the device - they are also contacting all identified owners.

Product Identifiers

Sold from August 2004 to June 2010 at various office and printer supply dealers. This is an old product line that was discontinued in 2010. Kyocera Document Solutions - A3 Multifunctional Printer (MFP) with the Optional Accessory PF-410 Paper Feeding Unit. Models: KM 1620 / 1635 / 1650 / 2050 / 2550 Serial Number range AHZ3 000001 - AHZ3 322326

Supplier Contact

Kyocera Document Solutions Australia Pty Ltd



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