29 June 2020

Macpac Micro-StoveBatch with DOM (Date of Manufacture) 08/19

The Hazard!

The threaded component can be difficult to connect to a butane canister, and gas could leak for longer than the expected short burst when screwing onto the canister. If this occurs near an ignition source, the released flammable gas may ignite.

What to do...

Check your micro stove and if it is within the affected batch, stop using it and return to the nearest Macpac store for a refund. In addition to a refund, Macpac is offering a $20 store voucher upon returning the product. If it is not safe to return it to a Macpac store under Covid 19 restrictions, mark the product "DO NOT USE" and store it securely until it is safe to return it to your nearest Macpac store.

Product Identifiers

Sold at Macpac from 15 October 2019 to 21 December 2019 Macpac Micro-Stove SKU 112253 and (Date of Manufacture) DOM 08/19 Only micro-stoves that bear DOM and the inlet air hole as shown above are affected. Other batches of Micro-stoves without the inlet air hole are not affected.

Supplier Contact

Macpac New Zealand

0800 622 722


Responsible Agency