7 October 2021

Buckyballs Magnetic Toy

The Hazard!

If one or more magnets are swallowed they can result in internal injuries that require surgery and pose lifelong health complications.

What to do...

STOP using the magnet set and store it out of reach of children.

Return it to place of purchase using courier information provided by GrabOne. A refund will be provided.

Product Identifiers

Sold by Fantasy Supply via GrabOnestore between Sept 2020 and Sept 2021

Buckyballs Magnetic Toy
216-piece buckyballs magnetic puzzle toy

Silver and multicolored, 3mm or 5mm sized balls

Product model names: FT20-X243-3MM-multi, FT20-X243-3MM-silver, FT20-X243-5MM-multi, FT20-X243-5MM-silver

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