15 September 2016

Masport lawnmowers fitted with MSV® blade disc blade cutting system

The Hazard!

If damaged or not correctly maintained the disc blade system can get out of balance creating excessive vibration which may cause the blade disc to fracture. If the blade disc fractures it may detach from the engine. If the blade disc detaches when the mower is raised there is a potential for injury to occur to you or bystanders.

What to do...

While turned off inspect the blade disc and cutting tips on the mower for cracks around the centre hole of the blade disc, uneven blade wear or damaged blade tips. If the mower has any of the above issues, is experiencing excessive handle vibration or making an unusual noise, you should take it to a Masport service dealer.

Product Identifiers

Serial numbers: 7545492 to 7791051

Supplier Contact

Masport Ltd


0800 627 7678


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