16 July 2019


The Hazard!

The crank arm may be defective resulting in them coming loose or falling off. If the crank arm becomes loose or falls off while the bike is being ridden, the rider may lose control of the bicycle and fall or crash.

What to do...

Stop using the bicycle and return it to your nearest “The Warehouse” store for a refund – proof of purchase not required. For more information or any specific questions please contact The Warehouse

Product Identifiers

Sold at the Warehouse Stores and online from April to July 2019 MILAZO MODELS 417–427

Supplier Contact

The Warehouse Ltd


0800 422 274


Product Re-release:

Any bikes sold from September 2019 are unaffected. 

The crank arms on any bicycles sold from 1st September 2019 have been replaced and have the following barcodes: 9401063082384 -9401063082360-9401063082377 - 9401063082391 - 9401063003419 - 9401063082407 - 9401063082414 - 9401063082414 - 9401063082438 - 9401063082445 - 9401063003426



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