4 February 2021

Mitre saws - FESTOOL Kapex KS 88 & Kapex KS 120 (production period 2007 to 02/2010)

The Hazard!

If left connected to the mains for an extended period, the saw may become hot in places and begin to smoulder bursting into flames in some instances.

What to do...

The plug should never be left connected to the mains! Affected products must be retrofitted as a matter of urgency!

Please check whether your saw is one of the affected products. If it is:
1. Disconnect the plug from the socket after each use of the saw.
2. Don’t leave the saw unattended at any time during use.

It is only if these two measures are taken that the Kapex can be used temporarily until the required retrofit has been carried out.

Free retrofit: From mid March 2021 onwards we will be retrofitting all the aforesaid saws free of charge and will also carry out a safety check. 

If anyone other than yourself also uses one of the affected saws, you must ensure that this information is passed onto them.

If you no longer be in possession of the saw, please contact Hindin Marquip immediately and provide the details of the person currently in possession of the saw so that they can also contact them.

Product Identifiers

Sold in New Zealand from 2007

FESTOOL Kapex KS 88 & Kapex KS 120, (“compound mitre saw” and a “sliding mitre saw”) production period 2007 to 02/2010

To check if your product is affected enter the part number (T-No.) and serial number (S-No.) of your KAPEX here.

Supplier Contact

Hindin Marquip Ltd

09 913 1661


Check your product here: https://www.festool.com/retrofit

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