9 June 2021

MORT BAY 4-Way and 6-Way Switched Power Boards - Sold at Bunnings

The Hazard!

The black on/off switch cover of the power boards may break and fall off which will result in live parts being exposed and a risk of electrical shock.

What to do...

STOP using your power board and return it to Bunnings for a refund.

For more information or any questions contact BWES.

Product Identifiers

Sold at Bunnings from October 2020 to May 2021.

MORT BAY 4-Way and 6-Way Switched Power Boards

4-Way Outlet with 3m cord with model number 14038
6-Way Outlet with 5m cord with model number 14021

The Power Boards have a Batch No. on the back of the unit (see image above):
The affected recalled batch numbers are one of:
13119301120 13095301020 13046300820

If your power board does not have one of the above batch numbers, no further action is required, and you can continue using your power board as normal.

Supplier Contact

BWES Compliance and consulting

0800 123 608


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