16 September 2021

NZPPI Plant Trolleys – PP 21

The Hazard!

Some lock nuts holding the trolley wheels to the metal base have not been adequately secured.

The trolleys wheels may detach causing a potential hazard from the trolley tipping. This may result in strains or impact injuries.

What to do...

Stop using, isolate and inspect all NZPPI 2021 trolley bases, checking each of the four trolley wheels to ensure that each of the four lock nuts are present, and tightly secured to the frame of the trolley base.

If the lock nuts are secure the trolley is safe to continue using. 

If the locknuts are not secure, remove the trolley from use and contact NZPPI to arrange for the trolley base(s) to be repaired.

See detailed instructions here.

Product Identifiers

Supplied by NZ Plant Producers Inc (NZPPI) from 5 July to 14 September 2021.

NZPPI Plant Trolleys
 - with  ‘PPI 21’ stamped on the trolley base.

All NZPPI Plant Trolley bases manufactured in 2021 are covered by this recall. The affected trolleys are identified by the code ‘PPI 21’ stamped on the trolley base. The ‘PPI 21’ plant trolley bases were supplied by NZPPI between 5 July 2021 and 14 September 2021.

Supplier Contact

NZ Plant Producers Inc


04 9183511


Responsible Agency