15 December 2020

Adria Coral motorhomes - Ovens and gas line

The Hazard!

The oven inside the motorhome may not be securely mounted.

If the oven is not mounted securely it can lead to the possible rupture of the ovens inlet gas line and cause a possible gas leak.

A gas leak could result in a potential fire or explosion.
And can also result in inhalation of LPG.

What to do...

Stop using the oven and turn off the gas isolation valve.

Contact Apollo Motorhome Holidays to organise an appointment to repair.

Apollo Motorhome Holidays have also contacted identified owners.

Product Identifiers

Vehicles with potentially affected gas lines sold from 2014 to November 2020

Adria Coral 660 DU, Plus 660 DU, 660 SCS, Plus 660 SCS, XL 660 SCS

Supplier Contact

Apollo Motorhome Holidays

0800 115 500


Responsible Agency