5 July 2018

Panasonic Laptop Battery Packs
CF-AX Series, CF-C2 Series, CF-SX Series laptops

The Hazard!

The Laptop battery pack may overheat due to a software configuration issue. If the battery pack overheats, there is a risk of potentially causing and leading to a fire hazard.

What to do...

As a temporary immediate measure, use the Battery Pack control utility in the Laptop to configure the battery pack power usage by adjusting the charging control utility to “Eco Mode”. Contact Panasonic by referring to the below information to register your details and to receive the new Battery Diagnosis/Control Program.

Product Identifiers

The identified laptops were sold in New Zealand from April 2013 until March 2016. Panasonic Laptops models, CF-AX Series, CF-C2 Series and CF-SX Series. The model number can be found on the front of the Panasonic Laptop as shown in images above.

Supplier Contact

Panasonic New Zealand



Responsible Agency