28 January 2016

Parmco Gas Hob (3 Models)

The Hazard!

Possible risk of fire or explosion.

What to do...

If the Wok burner does not light or operate normally cease operation immediately and do not use. All other gas burners are still safe to operate. If you have a unit within the above serial numbers or have purchased one of the above models within the specified date range immediately contact Parmco. They will send a service technician to remedy the defect free of charge.

Product Identifiers

Model HO-6-6S-3GW - serial numbers 3097-200-1408-0001 to 3097-200-150801-0075, Model HO-6-9S-4GW serial numbers 3099-200-1409–0001 to 3099-200-150801-0050,

Supplier Contact

Parmco Sales Limited


0800 727626


519 Mt. Wellington, Highway, Mt. Wellington, Auckland, 1060

Responsible Agency